domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012


Welcome to Year 1 C. We're preparing things and links to learn more and enjoy the best.

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    I present a show, fun for children if you urge to know. Hope you like. They can meet polyglots on its website.
    This is the synopsis of this edition:
    “While The Polyglots teach English to Moré, its absolute and unconditional fan, in one of his characteristic classes, Miss Mary dear, dear friend of The Polyglots and library owns the plaza, he realizes that the letters of his books are disappearing faster and faster. The Polyglots and Moré, incredulous at first, continue with their games and songs in English, without any attention to the concern of Miss Mary dear, until, that is the disappearance of the letters, it begins to affect everyone in the speech and therefore, in their English classes.
    Concerned that the letters disappear completely and they all languages, are immersed in a mysterious adventure to discover who they are taking, why and how they can recover to continue teaching English around the globe.”

    The Polyglots in the Temple of the Lost Lyrics is a musical comedy, educational and family full of laughter, visual effects, absurdities, riddles, games, dances and of course lots of music and songs that will engage anyone who wants to come and enjoy , making it a good time and, as is typical with The Polyglots, learn and review English.

    Teatro Galileo - C / Galileo, 39 - Madrid Tel: 91 448 16 46
    From the October 12, 2012 TIME: - Saturday: 12:00 and 16:00, Sunday: 12:00 pm